Health, Safety and Environmental Management (HSE)

HSE is an acronym for Health, Safety and Environmental Management. HSE management involves managing, controlling and handling all aspects of health, safety and the environment in the petroleum industry – with the focus on major accident risk.

HSE certification as of today is regarded as one of the most significant certification training in several industries such as Oil & Gas, Marine, Manufacturing, Construction, Engineering, banking and finance etc.

This course provides you with the knowledge, skills and solid training in the theories and practices of occupational health and safety, emergency planning and environmental management. Participants will have the foundations to create, plan, implement, audit and evaluate programs in the areas of health and safety, emergency planning and environmental management systems.

Your HSE certification serves as your license as a Health and Safety professional. Health and safety is no doubt one of the best paid profession at present, but you will need to acquire relevant certifications that will give you an edge over other competitors for the limited but competitive opportunities that are available.   Before you are recognized as a Health and safety professional and be able to compete for the limited opportunities, you have to follow a particular career path. Your career path will either enhance your progress in the profession or delay your progress.

A lot of people have been misled in their pursuit of career in Health and safety because of lack of useful information and guidance.

This article aims to be a guide to HSE professionals who have made some mistakes and upcoming professionals to help minimize the level of mistakes as they pursue a career in health.

There are 4 levels of HSE courses to run to be qualified as a safety practitioner under the WSO USA Standard, these 3 certifications are really a good start up in safety career:

HSE level 1 (Foundation) – This qualification is designed to provide candidates with understanding the skills, principles and practices of workplace safety. This level provides a starting point from which more detailed training in level 2 can follow. This level is suitable for beginners and anyone in the workplace environment.

HSE level 2 (Appreciation) – This qualification is designed to help improve the workplace culture by enabling learners to understand the basic principles and practice of health safety & environment in a workplace and risk assessment methodology. This course is suitable for anyone in a work environment as it raises learners’ awareness of the concept of HSE and risk assessment.

HSE level 3 (Supervision) – This qualification is created to provide an in-depth knowledge of responsibilities and duty of an HSE officer in a workplace and an introduction to environmental management systems.

HSE Advanced Professional-Health Safety & Environment (HSE) course cannot be complete without discussing the supervision and leadership responsibilities


Without effective leadership and supervision, HSE management system HSE-MS of an organization may be counterproductive

It is the supervisor’s responsibility to enforce safe work practices and procedures because failure to do so may result to accident and injury. This course will equip you with relevant knowledge and skills to effectively lead and supervise worker in the work place.

The WSO advanced HSE professional training and certification validates your ability to ensure that workers under your supervision are aware of safety and abide by the company’s safety rules and procedures. For advancement in HSE professional career, it is recommended that you register for this course.


The certificate is released directly from World Safety Organization (WSO) World Management Center Warrensburg, USA and bears the World Safety Organization WSO seal of certification and recognition.

Successful candidates of this course will also automatically receive the WSO International Safety Passport free Upon completion of the course, you will write your exams online (CBT) and advanced HSE Professional certificate will be issued to you directly by World Safety Organization (WSO), USA.

Career Outcomes

Safety Officer, Health Officer, Environmental Officer, though all careers seriously need safety training to work safe and remain alive.

Earn a world recognized advanced HSE professional certificate from World Safety Organization (WSO), our online training platform provides you the best online  training experience, get classroom experience without you leaving the comfort of your home or office

This Course is suitable for everyone whose activities have to do with leadership or could have a significant impact on the environment, or those introduced to environmental issues for the first time

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